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We always ensure our products are cost effective and defective free so that our customers can purchase with confidence and to use them with total satisfaction.
    • Rigid Vinyl
      Profiles for general purpose or RoHS compliance.
    • Flexible Vinyl
      Flexible Profiles for general-purpose seal applications.
    • ABS, PS, PP, HIPS
      PVC replacement for ‘green’ profile application.
    • Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE)
      High heat and weather-resistant seals, thermal expansion joints.
    • PMMA, PC, PETG
      Transparent/Translucent profiles for diffuser and POP display.
    • Polyester, POM
      High performance profiles for high wear and low friction applications.
    • PEEK
      Liquid Crystal Polymer for ultra high temperature applications.
    • Glass or Carbon Modified Polycarbonate
      Profiles for EMC, Anti-static, Static-Dissipative, Conductive applications in electronic equipment.
    • Engineering Alloy (PC/ABS)
      High Contact Temperature Load Bearing Applications.
    • Mineral-Filled Polyester
      Outdoor applications as stone replacement.
    • Expanded PS and Vinyl
      Structural profiles for building industry.
    • SAN and ASA
      Weather-resistant profiles for outdoor applications.
      Flexible material for co-extrusion with non-PVC profiles.
    • Fiber Filled Plastics
      Eco-Friendly material for wood replacement outdoor applications such as decking and garden furnishings.
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